Environmental Chemistry

Division representative:

Feiyue Wang, University of Manitoba

Symposia and organizers: 

Advanced methods for analysis of agricultural food and environmental products - joint with AN

Renata Raina
, University of Regina


Advances in green chemistry - joint with IN/OR

Matthew Gradiski, Green Chemistry Initiative, University of Toronto
Kevin Szkop, Green Chemistry Initiative, University of Toronto
Maria ClevelandGreen Chemistry UBC, The University of British Columbia
Jade PoissonGreen Chemistry UBC, The University of British Columbia
Jeanette Loos, Green Chemistry UBC, University of British Columbia
Patrick Giesbrecht, Dalhousie University Green Chemistry Initiative, Dalhousie University


Atmospheric chemistry

Tara Kahan
, University of Saskatchewan
Cora Young, York University

Invited speakers:
Samar Moussa, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Nga Lee (Sally) NgGeorgia Institute of Technology, USA
Ran Zhao, University of Alberta


Effect of toxic metals/metalloids on the environment and organisms

Juergen Gailer
, University of Calgary
Som Niyogi, University of Saskatchewan

Invited speakers:
Ingrid Pickering, University of Saskatchewan


Environmental chemical analysis: from targeted to non-targeted analysis - joint with AN

Gregg Tomy, University of Manitoba
Karl Jobst, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Invited speakers:
Denina Simmons, Ontario Tech University
Hui Peng, University of Toronto


Environmental mercury research in a post-Minamata Convention world

Feiyue Wang, University of Manitoba 
Peter Outridge, Geological Survey of Canada

Invited speakers:
Ashu Dastoor, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Saul Guerrero, Venezuela
Paul Schuster, United States Geological Survey, USA


General and emerging topics in environmental chemistry

Hind Al-Abadleh, Wilfrid Laurier University

Invited speakers:
Xing-Fang Li, University of Alberta
Philippe Van Cappellen, University of Waterloo


Organic contaminants of emerging concern: treatment, fate and environmental impact - joint with OR

Graham Gagnon, Dalhousie University
Bing Chen, Memorial University of Newfoundland