Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

Division representative:

John SorensenUniversity of Manitoba

Symposia and organizers: 

Bioactive compounds in grains and oilseeds

Nancy Ames, University of Manitoba & Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


Bioelectrochemical sensing- joint with AN

Sabine Kuss
, University of Manitoba

Invited speaker:
Zhifeng Ding, Western University


Biomolecular dynamics: experimental and computational advances - joint with PTC

Styliani ConstaWestern University 
Stacey Wetmore, University of Lethbridge
Anthony Mittermaier, McGill University 
Mazdak Khajehpour, University of Manitoba


Chemistry and applications of functional molecular materials - joint with OR

Anthony Rullo, McMaster University


Metals in biology, from small molecule therapeutics to big molecule reaction centers - joint with IN

Deborah Zamble, University of Toronto

Invited speakers:
David Barondeau, Texas A&M University, USA
Annie Castonguay, INRS-Centre Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie
Ann English, Concordia University
Jurgen Gailer, University of Calgary
John Honek, University of Waterloo
Tim Storr, Simon Fraser University
Charles Walsby, Simon Fraser University
Jeff Warren, Simon Fraser University
Limei Zhang, University of Nebraska, USA


Natural products

David Zechel, Queen's University
Chris Boddy, University of Ottawa
Clarissa Sit, Saint Mary's University


Nucleic acid chemistry and biology

Ryan Hili, York University 
Maureen McKeague, McGill University



Chris Phenix
, University of Saskatchewan


Strategies to cure drug-resistant superbugs - joint with OR

Frank Schweizer, University of Manitoba 
Marya Ahmed, University of Prince Edward Island


Xenobiology/alternative nucleic acids

Ned Budisa, University of Manitoba