Analytical Chemistry

Division representative:

Helene Perreault, University of Manitoba

Symposia and organizers:

Advanced methods for analysis of agricultural food and environmental products - joint with EN

Renata Raina
, University of Regina


Analysis, sensing, imaging, and biological applications of nanomaterials - joint with MT

Russ Algar, The University of British Columbia
Michael Serpe, University of Alberta
Denis Boudreau, Université Laval

Invited speakers:
Delphine Bouilly, Université de Montréal
Jennifer Chen, York University
Christy Haynes, University of Minnesota
Song Liu, University of Manitoba
Sara Mashid, McGill University
Jean-François Masson, Université de Montréal
Mark McDermott, University of Alberta
Reginald Penner, University of California Irvine
Anna Ritcey, Université Laval
Kevin Stamplecoskie, Queen’s University
Hua-Zhong (Hogan) Yu, Simon Fraser University
Honquan Zhang, University of Alberta



Analytical and physical electrochemistry – From fundamentals to applications – joint with SS

Sabine KussUniversity of Manitoba

Invited speaker:
Aicheng Chen, University of Guelph



Bioelectrochemical sensing – joint with BM

Sabine Kuss, University of Manitoba

Invited speaker:
Zhifeng Ding
, Western University

Environmental chemical analysis: from targeted to non-targeted analysis - joint with EN

Gregg Tomy, University of Manitoba
Karl Jobst, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Invited speakers:
Denina SimmonsUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology
Hui Peng, University of Toronto


Mass spectrometry imaging

Richard Oleschuk
, Queen's University



Richard Oleschuk
, Queen's University 
Katherine Elvira, University of Victoria
Sara Mahshid, McGill Univesity 


Proteomics applied to biosystems

Vince Chen, Brandon University 


Separation techniques in omics techniques

Oleg Krokhin
, University of Manitoba


Surface-enhanced or surface-sensitive spectroscopy - joint with PTC/SS

Ian BurgessUniversity of Saskatchewan
Francois Lagugné-LaberthetWestern University 


Teaching of analytical chemistry - joint with CE

Russ AlgarThe University of British Columbia
Charles Lucy, University of Alberta
James KariukiUniversity of Alberta

Invited speakers:
Sabine KussUniversity of Manitoba
Alex BroloUniversity of Victoria
Andy Dicks, University of Toronto